October 12, 2016


Hayley Milano

Head Teacher | CEO

Whether you can barely hold a tune, or you simply want help harnessing your natural talent, we have you covered. Milano encourages all of her students through her classical background, rich professional experiences and effective teaching techniques.

Milano will teach you the technical skills that you need to improve your vocal performance, and with consistent and hard work, she will enable you to master your craft. Milano individualises all of her students’ experience and journey to achieve whatever goal they may seek to achieve.

Milano has been renowned for creating high-achieving, and confident singers through her never-ending patience and passion for her craft. Her teaching philosophy espouses that music is the ultimate form of self-expression, and this is observed in all that she does.

Dean Nash

Vocal and Public Speaking Teacher
Dean Nash is a Songwriter, Actor, and Singing Coach based in Sydney, Australia.
Dean has studied music for over a decade, studying Classical Voice at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts centre, A Bachelor of Music at WSU and UNE as well as studying Musical Theatre at NIDA Open.
Dean has been a working Performing Artist for his entire adult life, Enjoying success across multiple mediums of performing arts, including musical theatre, theatre, film, songwriting, music production, session singing, and fronting numerous working bands, singing everything from “Jazz” to “Pub Rock”, to “Acoustic Folk”

Dean has also worked off the stage as a Freelance Producer, and Musical Director.

Dean is a passionate Teacher and works hard to help his students achieve their goals, whatever those goals might be.