August 26, 2017

Terms and Condition

Terms and Conditions

• All Singing Sydney students are to be punctual and conduct themselves in a professional manner.
• If you are late, no additional time will be added to your lesson.
• Singing Sydney uses Ezidebit for payments. All Singing Sydney students agree to fill out the Ezidebit forms before their first lesson (does not include voucher lessons).
• Singing Sydney requires 48 hours notice to cancel/change a lesson. If you fail to do so the lesson will be forfeited. Please note in the case of a cancelled lesson, your payment will still be debited as per usual. You must organize a make up lesson with your teacher within 2 weeks from the date of cancellation/change. After the 2 weeks your make up lesson will expire.
• Group classes are a consistent membership fee every week. A missed class will not be refunded, however, if you are absent for a period of time and will miss multiple lessons, please email Singing Sydney and we can place your membership on hold.
• If a payment bounces, a dishonour fee of $14.80 will be charged from Ezidebit. The payment will then be reprocessed in 3 days. Any communication regarding payments and Ezidebit must be done via email.
• The only time payments will be cancelled is if you are absent for a period of time and will miss multiple lessons. If this is the case students need to notify Singing Sydney via email at least a week in advance.
• It is your responsibility to keep track of your own personal payments and notify us if anything is out of place.
• To cease lesson permanently, please inform your teacher and send an email to
• If a Singing Sydney teacher is sick a replacement teacher will be provided, or a make up lesson with your teacher will occur within the month. In the same way if a teacher leaves the school, a replacement teacher will be provided.
• Singing Sydney takes no responsibility for damages or injuries incurred before, during or after the lesson.

Any concerns or disputes are required to be reported to Singing Sydney at the time of incidents, via email Office hours only.