October 12, 2016


Lindsay Tyler

Great and careful guidance for the younger students. The teachers present challenges and opportunities for students to rise to at their own pace. Supportive learning to help individuals meet their personal goals. And most of all – everyone seems to have FUN!

River Nygryn

The best singing coaches I’ve encountered. I’ve improved and also gained range in the year I’ve been with them. My teachers have pushed me beyond comfort zones which has only seen me improve quicker. No messing about here. Join up to achieve your goals faster and learn to excel. Can’t sing enough praise about this singing school.

Rachel Gomez

I can’t recommend the school highly enough. My confidence has grown tremendous amounts and I have come to know what type of singing suits my voice – which my teacher has helped me develop.

I’m very impressed that such an organisation exists. The showcases give people an opportunity to work towards something making the lessons even more relevant and gives people like me a chance to perform infront of others. The group singing lessons are fantastic, lively, friendly and constructive, it creates its own singing community. For anyone who likes to sing, no matter your ability – you will improve and have a a lot of fun in the process!

Lenka Dlouhá

Guys remember it’s all about you all, you’re an amazing group and I can always feel so much love around all of you. Thank you for letting me be part of it!!

Jackie Holman

“My most memorable moments on the Awakening into 2017 retreat was the singing and sound healing with Hayley because it was so enlightening and powerful. It continued to resonate with me after it had ended.”

Jules Grant

“I loved Hayley’s drumming at the retreat, the vibration was simply beautiful.”

AJ Tennant

I came in with very specific aims (Jazz/Swing performing). The teachers are great at working to what you need to achieve, not what they want to teach.

The other outstanding benefit is the opportunity to network and perform. This isn’t just lessons. It’s auditions, rehearsals and performances. It’s meeting and playing with musicians. Working on duets with other performers. Meeting bar owners who can offer gigs. Getting advice on where to take your (hopeful) music career.


Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned pro, Singing Sydney is THE place to go to get your groove on! A highly supported environment, where students are both challenged and supported to grow and reach their goals. The teachers are amazing and the school itself is one big, warm, supportive family!

Miranda Jean

No matter what level of experience with singing you have, this is the place to go to. The support and skills you learn are given by the truckload from all of the teachers, and the Singing Sydney community. You will go further than you think is possible with these guys, and have so much fun too!

Olivia Foai

Personally, I HIGHLY recommend Singing Sydney. It’s built on genuine care and the love is tangible. From the Director, Hayley to the Head Teacher, Siki I’ve had an outstanding experience and I’ve learnt a lot! If you’re a serious artist looking for REAL guidance or just someone interested in the art of singing – look no further!

Louise Walker, Footsteps

“Hayley facilitated a sound healing for us at our ‘Awakening into 2017 Retreat’ at Kodama. She was highly professional to work with and blew us all away with her voice and the various instruments she played. The space she held for us all was very powerful and healing and weaved in perfectly with (and amplified) the transformational journey the retreat guests were already on.”

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