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Singing Sydney offers singing programs for all levels.

With the Singing Sydney Program, you will learn a range of tools and techniques to advance your singing to the next level. From breathing exercises to performance preparation, our programs will allow you to set goals and plans to reach the highest outcome.

Private singing lessons are offered Online and In Studio with Singing Sydney from 8:00 am - 9:00pm Monday through Saturday. Singing Sydney Lessons are subject to availability. All prices are inclusive of GST.

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We offer programs for students who are wanting to delve in deep and find their voice in performance. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or an established Singer wanting to refine your voice we can help you reach those heights! We have a selection of amazing programs for you to choose from. They are all custom designed to ensure you reach your desired goals.


Included in each online Singing Sydney program:

  • Allocated "one on one" time slot per week which is yours for the term
  • Two teachers workers with you diversifying your voice and performance training
  • A voice and performance progression plan
  • Group performance - you will perform in front of the other students and receive feedback on your voice
  • Exclusive show case performance - you will be trained on how to sing at a show case in front of a live audience
  • Custom designed weekly home plan with scales to match. Each session is recorded for you to use at home.
  • Ongoing access to teachers at any time of the day to assist, motivate and point you in the right direction 24/7.
  • Revision at the beginning and the end of each term with Vocal and Performance Reviews
  • Not to mention access to our Face Book Page and the awesome Singing Sydney Family.
  • Vocal Assessment
  • Goal setting & singing plan
  • Song project level 1 - Song choice
  • Breathing level 1 - Diaphragmatic breathing
  • Vocal health - Ironing out any defects
  • Scales
  • Voice defects
  • Pitch - Hitting notes
  • Timing & Rhythm
  • Video - Film of each lesson
  • Breathing level 2
  • Pitch - Detailing
  • Emotional connection
  • Performance prep
  • Anxiety and nerves
  • Song project level 2
  • High register level 1
  • Video - Film of all lessons
  • Group performance assessment

  • Group class integration - 1 class a week
  • Breathing level 3
  • Performance
  • Mic technique
  • Stage presence
  • Performance anxiety
  • Focus points
  • Song interpretation level 1
  • Audience connection
  • Song project 3
  • Video - Filming of all lessons
  • Showcase prep and performance assessment
  • High register/Dynamics - level 2
  • Song project 4
  • Song interpretation - level 2
  • Emotional connection - level 2
  • Timing and rhythm - level 2
  • Video - review/recap of progress
  • Group classes - 2 classes a week
  • Showcase prep and live performance


Term 1

5th February 2024 - 13th April 2024

Intro to Song Writing - 30th March 2024

Term 2

29th April 2024 - 6th July 2024

Online showcase - 6th July 2024

Term 3

22nd July 2024 - 28th September 2024

Play and sing with a live band - October

Term 4

14th October 2024 - 21st December 2024

Showcase - 7th December 2024